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Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, Simond Store is a retailer and wholesaler of Refractory Ceramic Fiber products in comprehensive numbers. Our product range includes Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Ceramic Fiber Board, Ceramic Fiber Paper, Ceramic Fiber Bulk, Ceramic Fiber Module, Ceramic Fiber Tape, and Ceramic Fiber Rope.

With the mainstay of the online store being the provision of hassle-free delivery of orders, we are available at online stores like Amazon and eBay. The excellent feedback from our customers would persuade you to make a sound judgment regarding why you should choose us. By offering authentic products, cash on delivery, online payments, 30 days return policy, customer support 24x7, we are a proven stalwart customer connect platform. We also provide our customers with the opportunity to track the status of their orders. Fast and timely delivery of products to your door-step is always our priority.

Simond Store’s value proposition revolves around the needs of its shoppers and it strives to cater to them by including newer categories of products in the product portfolio. The increase in demand for ceramic fiber products and a growing satisfactory customer base have motivated us to give our customers the power to purchase a myriad of Fiber products online.



Refractory Products -

Insulation Fiber Bricks (IFB), Rigidizer, Refractory Mortar, Refractory Coatings & Refractory Castables.

Fiberglass Products -

Fiberglass Woven Roving, Aluminized Fiberglass, Silicon Coated Fiberglass, Teflon Coated Fiberglass, Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat, Fiberglass Tissue or surface mat, Fiberglass Chopped Strands, Milled Fiberglass, Aluminium Roller for Fiberglass & Mould Release Wax.

At Simond Store, customer satisfaction is the center of everything that we do, and we work hard to provide our customers with the finest products. In case of any queries regarding our products and our services, please feel free to contact us.











As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on adding a quality and personal touch to our services. Our Founder and CEO, Daulat Pipalia, shares a deep passion for chemistry and product creation. From his prior education with a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degree in Chemistry, Daulat was inspired to put his skills to the test and create a quality product that would revolutionize the Investment Casting industry. In 1990, Dr. Daulat developed a process for manufacturing commercial grade colloidal silica, a primary raw material needed in the investment casting process. That product was an odorless Silica that was soluble in water, which could be molded and casted into anything. From automotive to jewelry casting, this new product would bring Investment Casting to the next level. By 1994, commercial production started through a start-up company in India named “Silpond Chemicals”, in which Dr. Daulat was CEO of the company. Then, by 2000, the company was supplying colloidal silica to 50 investment casting firms. In 1994, in the Saurashtra area, there were 5 investment casting manufacturers. Today, there are close to 200 firms. Silpond, under Daulat’s leadership, was a major cause of this growth in the region.

His company established more than 200 client firms which included investment casting firms, ceramic fiber manufacturers, catalyst manufactures, and many more. Throughout the years, Dr. Daulat has not only been a supplier to the casters, but he has provided troubleshooting for caster’s production problems. He has acquired deep knowledge of their entire manufacturing process which has included knowledge of their other raw materials such as fused silica, zircon, and silica sand. Dr. Daulat cannot only supply casting materials, but also provide a complete solution to the entire casting manufacturer production line. This includes any services that needs to be outsourced and needs that provide a supply chain of all materials that may be required.

The decision to name the business “Simond Store” was related to Daulat’s passion for chemistry. The “Si” part of the name references the term “Silica” , which is the main product of the business. The “Mo” section of the name represents the chemical compound that is the key component in the molding process, Molybdenum. With the combination of these two key components, Simond Store was born.

Ancillary industry to investment casting developed in the area due to a strong investment casting presence. Ancillary industries, such as raw material suppliers, die development workshops, finished goods workshops, machine tools developers, and packaging material manufacturers. Dr. Daulat has a great reputation and connection with all major players within these industries. With a history of providing exemplary service and strong revenue growth since 2016, Simond Store has grown a well-established organization that will add significant value into the Investment Casting industry. Along with our Founder, Daulat, we also have our Director of Operations, Alka Pipalia, and Business Partner, Jagir Pipalia. Without the bond and strength of family, Simond Store’s success would not have been possible. We are forever thankful and grateful for being blessed with such a strong support system and team of qualified professionals to make things happen.

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