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This propane melting furnace have capacity of melting aluminium 3.6 kg 10 kg of Brass, 12 kg copper, 24 kg gold, 14 kg silver, (approx), is an inevitable tool Metal smith, Jewellers and Refiners for melting & smelting metal.

Propane Furnace body is made from MS material and the Burner Nozzle is made from SS-304 material. Its heating zone is fully insulated with 1 Inch thick refractory ceramic fiber, and its cover insulated with 2-3 inch refractory ceramic fiber which can resist temperature up to 2600°F (1425°C)

Furnace floor is insulated with 2” ceramic fiber and refractory brick for smooth and plain surface which can hold the crucible without any inclination. When using first time, pre hit the crucible for 5-6 min at 300° C - 500°C.

Inside of the combustion chamber comes up with refractory coating which protects inner wall, prevent heat loss, defend ceramic fiber linings against heat, flue gasses and fumes and help us save fuel and power

Propane Melting Furnace kit includes a “SALAMANDER SUPER” brand Clay-Graphite Crucibles for melting metal assuring you consistent performance, tongs that can firmly grip crucible and safety gloves that protects your hand from heat, hot steam, sharp edges, and resist to abrasion also helps you handle tongs, ingot mold, hand tools.

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<p>Simond Store presents you high level performance 10 kg Propane Melting Furnace kit that makes your metal melting/smelting process hassle free and helps you achieve excellent results. Casting is used to make complex shapes that would be difficult or uneconomical by other methods and have been widely applied for sculpture (especially in bronze), jewellery in precious metals, and weapons and tools. This propane furnace is efficient and effective for melting aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, gold, silver, iron and many othersCheckout specifications of items included in Propane Melting Furnace Kit:Furnace:Furnace Body: MS metal SheetFurnace Internal Dimension 9 in. (W) x 10.75 In. (H) Furnace Outer Dimension : 1.5 In. (W) x 14.8 In. (H)Furnace Floor : 1” Thick Refractory Fire BrickMelting Capacity : Up to 22 Lb. (10 kg of Brass, 12 kg copper, 24 kg gold, 14 kg silver, 3.6 kg aluminum approx.)Crucible Maxi Size : Height 8.3” (210 mm) &amp; Wide 6.3” (160 mm)Connection KitGas Hose Size: 8mm ID x 2 Meter LongRegulator: High Pressure gas regulator with manometer (0-21 PSI)Regulator Connection Type : POL CGA-510 (Male thread free nut 0.8 In. - 14 NGO-LH)Regulator Outlet Nipple Size : 9 mm ODCrucible Temperature Resistance: 2552°F / 1400°CTop Outside Dia : 7.28 In. – 185 mmBottom Outside Dia: 5.12 In. – 130 mmHeight Overall: 8.46 In. - 215 mmTop Inside Dia: 5.7 In. – 145 mmInside Depth to Centre: 7.48 In. – 190 mmCoating Temperature Grade:3270°F (1800°C)Qty: 500 Grams (1.102 Lbs)Gloves Can be easily fit in all human hand (13 in. Length)Ideal to protect hand at high temperature application such as handling crucible, ingot mold, hand toolsNote:Make sure to follow the safety precautions in the book (attached with products)</p>

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